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Co-creation at BMW

In the rapidly evolving world of cars, driving innovation through co-creation is the key to survival. In act, in a survey done by Hitachi in 2017, 83% of companies in the automotive sector agree that co-creation transformed their approach to innovation. One of these companies is BMW who understands that to stay ahead, they must embrace the concept of co-creation and collaborate with their customers to build winning cars. By collaborating with a diverse group of stakeholders, including customers, suppliers, and technology partners, BMW has set new standards in the industry. In this blog, we delve into BMW's remarkable journey of co-creating cars and explore how this approach has revolutionized the automobile industry through what they called "The Co-creation Lab".

What is co-creation?

Co-creation is a collaborative approach to innovation, where companies involve external stakeholders in the design, development, and improvement of their products or services. It emphasizes tapping into the collective intelligence of a broad ecosystem to create products that better meet customers' needs and preferences.

This is BMW's ingredients for a co-creation program:

1. Engaging customers in Design

One of the essential elements of BMW's co-creation strategy is involving customers in the design process. The company has been conducting surveys, focus groups, and user research to understand their customers' desires and pain points. By directly involving end-users in the design phase, BMW ensures that their vehicles align with the market's needs and aspirations.

2. Partnering with Suppliers

BMW recognizes the importance of strong partnerships with suppliers. They actively engage with various suppliers to collaborate on the development of innovative components and technologies. These collaborations have resulted in advancements in safety features, lightweight materials, and cutting-edge technology that make BMW vehicles stand out in the market.

3. Embracing Technology Partnerships

To stay at the forefront of automotive innovation, BMW has also embraced collaborations with technology companies. These partnerships have led to groundbreaking advancements in areas such as autonomous driving, electric mobility, and connectivity. By co-creating with tech giants, BMW ensures that their vehicles are equipped with the latest and most advanced features.

Co-creating the BMW i3 and i8

BMW is one of the indisputable leaders in electric vehicles and the overall Electric Revolution. This was only possible through collaboration with battery manufacturers and technology companies that produces software to enhance the driver experience, one of the key benefits of electric vehicles. This includes the development of autonomous driving modes, which led to unique features that assists the drivers in navigation while also increasing safety and overall drive satisfaction.

BMW's co-creation journey showcases how embracing an inclusive approach to innovation can lead to groundbreaking advancements in the automotive industry. By engaging customers, suppliers, and technology partners, BMW has successfully co-created vehicles that not only meet but also exceed customer expectations. This approach has not only solidified BMW's position as a leader in the automotive market but has also inspired a wave of co-creation initiatives within the industry. As technology continues to advance and customer preferences evolve, co-creation will undoubtedly remain a crucial element in shaping the future of automobiles.


Curious for more? You can learn more about BMW's co-creation program here.

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