Plans to help you do more.

Features that come with all plans

  • Ability to share your screen and record sessions on web and mobile
  • Invite an unlimited number of guests/team members to join each session
  • Bring & engage your own users for free
  • Advisory support from our customer success team

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1What is a session?
A session is a live conversation between you and a particular user. You can invite a member of your team to join as a guest as well.
2How long is a session?
The pricing assumes a 30-minute session (average length we've seen our clients run).
3How are sessions conducted?
Sessions can be conducted on either the web application or on the mobile application. You can record the session regardless of which device you join from, however screen-sharing only works on the web application (
4How much does it cost to do a session?
You only pay for user rewards for each session. For example, for a 30-minute session you can choose to offer a $10 reward (or more). After the session ends, Lightster handles the processing of rewards to each user so you don't have to.


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