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Use cases

User Testing

Watch your target audience react to your designs, prototypes, or product and identify issues or opportunities.

Ideation & Brainstorming

Looking for ways to improve your product? Ask users to share their ideas or bounce yours off them.

Customer Interviews

Get intimate with your target audience and hear what problems need an immediate solution.


Send surveys or unmoderated tests to your target audience and get 100+ responses in minutes.

How it works

Set your criteria

Find your target audience using your own criteria, and get high quality matches from over 10,000+ Lightsters.

  • Select from age, location, employment status, industry, job title, interests, and 100+ more
  • Add screening questions to get even better matches - choose from multiple choice or text-based questions
  • Update, add, or remove criteria at anytime and see your new matches

Select your audience

Look through profiles in detail to find the audience that you want to connect with.

  • View profile details that match your criteria, and also other dimensions that you might find interesting
  • View LinkedIn profile links to double-verify professional matches
  • Get notified of new profiles to review each day so that you always get fresh perspectives


Send a survey, unmoderated test, or schedule a live conversation with the audience that you want to connect with directly.

  • Recording and voice transcriptions included, with Lightster AI that helps extract key actions
  • Invite team members/collaborators to each session
  • Join on the web browser or mobile app
  • Bring your own users at no additional cost

Built for people-centric teams

How leading teams are using Lightster
  • Oz N.
    I’ve been working with Lightster since their earliest days, and they have proven to be an invaluable partner in our work at PMF Studio. Most senior product people know that the hardest, and the most unpredictable, part of user research is recruiting. It always takes longer than you expect, it’s tedious so few people take joy in doing it, and quality is hard to maintain. Lightster managed to take away this headache for a number of our projects, as they deliver to spec quickly and efficiently. I’ve used them across most of our projects in 2023 and 2024, and they’ll continue to be my go to when we need to recruit across both B2B and B2C use cases.
    Oz N.
    PMF Studio
  • Scott H.
    Compared to other sources we have used to target potential customers for feedback, (UserInterviews,, Lightster is much better at targeting and getting us people able to provide valuable feedback.
  • Cameron Howe
    Product development is a very hard task, especially as a newly launched startup. You want access to a pool of potential customers to come in and get feedback. Often times the ones you do acquire naturally don't want to give this feedback. Lighter has been instrumental for us in talking to customers, hearing their pain points around investing and building a product that fit their needs. We continue to come back throughout our product development lifecycle to access willing new testers for our investment app.
    Cameron Howe
  • Tali Remennik
    I highly recommend Lightster. The quality of the contacts Lightster provided was outstanding. Each individual I interviewed possessed deep knowledge and expertise in demand planning, allowing me to gain valuable insights and perspectives on the field. I was impressed by the diversity and relevance of the connections made available to me - from demand planning to merchandising. Overall, I highly recommend Lightster to anyone seeking efficient and valuable user interviews in their respective fields.
    Tali Remennik
  • Eve Staszczyszyn
    Lighster has helped our team save time and access insights quickly. Overall, it has been a super helpful tool in our discovery sprints!
    Eve Staszczyszyn
    Check Compass
  • Ahmed Alagil
    Lightster is a bridge to crucial insights. Their ability to connect us with restaurant owners, managers, and culinary enthusiasts has been excellent. Their dedication to continually provide us with new customer connections is impressive. This proactive approach has empowered us to stay ahead of the curve, making informed decisions to improve our services. Simply put, our growth trajectory has definitely been positively influenced by Lightster’s platform.
    Ahmed Alagil
    Ze Wallet
  • Kata Ludvig
    Baoba team was very happy with the Lightster solution! Their platform has been supporting us in validating new product directions by matching us with professionals working in the insurance industry whom we could interview. The process was easy and we received 5 quality matches to conduct interviews with - Lightster has contributed to our validation process tremendously! I would recommend to use the solution to all startup founders whether it’s seeking to validate product directions or a pivot, conduct ongoing solution validation or simply matching you with relevant advisors!
  • Jaime Aoyagi
    Lightster was a great way to conduct user testing before writing a single code line. With Lighster, I was able to talk to more than ten people within a week to learn more about their WFH dynamics. What impressed me the most is that not only was I able to find users that fit our criteria but also the fact that I was able to talk to them directly through their app. I highly recommend Lightster to anyone looking to gain insights into their market.
    Jaime Aoyagi
  • Pankaj Dhote
    Analyzing new things from different perspectives is one of the good ways to learn. I recommend PMs to use this opportunity to help and learn!
    Pankaj Dhote
  • Stephane Nasser
    At OpenVC, we believe in the power of co-creation and Lightster's platform provides the perfect opportunity for users to contribute to the development of the newest products while being the first to try them out. We are excited to collaborate with Lightster and bring more value to our community through this partnership.
  • Alexander Joyce
    Before Lightster, I had to pay thousands for an external firm to find potential participants and then pay again for gift cards. With Lightster, I get to choose the participants and only pay once… by the minute!
    Alexander Joyce
    Phase Zero Design
  • Ian J.
    Lightster helped us better understand the problems our potential users face, which led us to identify new opportunities to solve their problems. The insights were invaluable to us as we had been under a lot of pressure to deliver results as part of a pre-accelerator we were in
    Ian J.
  • Joshua Q.
    I was able to dedicate the time I was saving to other business needs, which was an incredible value-add.
  • Edmond L.
    Lightster saved us so much time by connecting us to the ideal customer profile and made the process so simple!
    Edmond L.
  • Laura C.
    Working with Lightster was incredible. They found us a variety of folks to interview on a super quick timeline who met our criteria, and were dedicated to ensuring we reached our research goals. We'd happily work with them again and encourage others to check them out!
    Laura C.
    The Blink Date
  • Videh S.
    Lightster made it incredibly easy for us to listen to our users by giving us a continuous stream of user feedback.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Who are the users on Lightster?
Lightsters come from all walks of life, from students to retirees, to employed professionals and senior leaders of large organizations. What's common among all of them is their passion to co-create new products alongside innovators.
2What if I can't find the users that I'm looking for?
We offer free support and recruitment with an average turnaround time of 1 week. Connect with us to let us know your specific requirement at
3What makes Lightster different than other platforms?
Lightster allows you to connect with users directly at anytime, so that you can get input more often than ever before. On Lightster it's about the people, not projects and for this reason you do not need to create a project before seeing your user matches.
4Does Lightster only work on mobile?
No, on Lightster you can join and run sessions on either web ( or the mobile app. The difference is on web, you can share your screen (or ask the user to do the same).
5Can my team members join each session?
Yes, once you've scheduled a session, you will be able to copy and share the guest join link with your team.


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