Best user research communities to join in 2023
How to get early adopters from user testing or user interviews
September 21, 2023
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Co-creating leading consumer experiences at Unilever
October 17, 2023
How to get early adopters from user testing or user interviews
September 21, 2023
unilever hive
Co-creating leading consumer experiences at Unilever
October 17, 2023

Best user research communities in 2023

To find answers to any question, there is Google, and then there is communities. User research is another discipline where there are multiple online and local communities that you can join. Being a part of a community offers a haven for like-minded professionals to exchange, share, help, and grow together professionally. Here are some of the best user research communities in 2023. 


UX Research Collective

The UX Research Collective is a vibrant online community that brings together user researchers, designers, and product managers. With a focus on sharing knowledge and best practices, this community provides an ideal platform for both beginners and seasoned professionals. Here are some key features:

  • Active Discussion Forums: Members can participate in lively discussions, seek advice, and share their experiences in user research.
  • Webinars and Workshops: The Collective regularly hosts webinars and workshops featuring industry experts, covering a wide range of user research topics.
  • Resource Library: Access to a comprehensive library of articles, templates, and guides to aid in your research endeavors.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with professionals from around the world, fostering collaboration and skill-building.


User Experience Stack Exchange

Stack Exchange is a well-known platform for Q&A communities, and the User Research Stack Exchange is a dedicated space for user researchers and professionals. Here's what makes it special:

  • Expert Answers: Get answers to your burning user research questions from experts in the field.
  • Searchable Archives: Easily access a vast repository of user research-related questions and answers.
  • Community Voting: Users can upvote helpful answers, ensuring that the best responses rise to the top.
  • Tags and Categories: Organized discussions by topics, making it effortless to find information relevant to your needs.


Nielsen Norman Group (NN/g) Community

Nielsen Norman Group, a respected UX consultancy, has its own community where professionals can engage and learn from each other. Key highlights include:

  • UX Conferences and Events: Access to exclusive UX events and conferences organized by NN/g.
  • Articles and Research: Stay updated with the latest UX research findings and articles authored by NN/g experts.
  • Discussion Forums: Join discussions on various UX topics and get insights from the community.
  • Membership Benefits: Premium members gain access to even more resources, including UX certification courses.


UsabilityGeek Community

UsabilityGeek is a treasure trove of resources for user researchers, offering a range of valuable content and a thriving community. Here's what you can expect:

  • Articles and Tutorials: An extensive collection of articles and tutorials on usability, user testing, and more.
  • Templates and Tools: Downloadable templates and tools to streamline your research processes.
  • Active Blog: Regularly updated blog with insights from industry experts and thought leaders.
  • Newsletter: Subscribe to their newsletter to stay informed about the latest trends and developments in UX research.


LinkedIn User Research Groups

LinkedIn hosts several user research-focused groups, each with its own unique community of professionals. Some notable ones include:

  • User Experience Research Professionals: A diverse group of user researchers sharing insights and job opportunities.
  • User Experience & User Interface Design: A broader community that includes UI designers, providing a holistic perspective.
  • UX Research & Strategy: Focused on the strategic aspects of user research and its alignment with business goals.


Reddit UX Research Subreddit

Reddit is home to numerous niche communities, and the UX Research subreddit is a valuable space for those interested in user research. Here's why it's worth exploring:

  • Varied Discussions: Engage in discussions on user research methodologies, tools, and real-world challenges.
  • Sharing Resources: Users often share links to articles, research papers, and useful resources.
  • Peer Feedback: Seek feedback on your research projects and methodologies from fellow Redditors.


User research is a dynamic and ever-evolving field, and staying connected with a community of like-minded professionals can greatly enhance your skills and knowledge. The top user research communities mentioned in this blog offer a rich ecosystem for learning, sharing, and collaborating. Whether you're seeking answers to specific research questions, looking for inspiration, or simply aiming to connect with your peers, these communities have something to offer. So, dive in, become an active member, and let these communities be your guide on your journey toward becoming a more proficient user researcher.

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