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  • Ian J.
    Lightster helped us better understand the problems our potential users face, which led us to identify new opportunities to solve their problems. The insights were invaluable to us as we had been under a lot of pressure to deliver results as part of a pre-accelerator we were in
    Ian J.
  • Joshua Q.
    I was able to dedicate the time I was saving to other business needs, which was an incredible value-add.
  • Edmond L.
    Lightster saved us so much time by connecting us to the ideal customer profile and made the process so simple!
    Edmond L.
  • Laura C.
    Working with Lightster was incredible. They found us a variety of folks to interview on a super quick timeline who met our criteria, and were dedicated to ensuring we reached our research goals. We'd happily work with them again and encourage others to check them out!
    Laura C.
    The Blink Date
  • Videh S.
    Lightster made it incredibly easy for us to listen to our users by giving us a continuous stream of user feedback.