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Lightster for Startups

Perk Description

Congratulations on being a part of Parallel18!

Lightster's mission is to enable you to co-create your product with qualified users anytime during your product development. 

On Lightster, you can:

  • Build instant communities of your target users, based on criteria such as job titles, demographics, and specific screening questions
  • Chat with users at anytime for free, and schedule a session with them to get feedback, test your product, or get ideas
  • View detailed profiles of each user, including characteristics that might help you refine your target user personas



Partners Plan - Startup Registration
If you are a member of an accelerator, please specify the specific class/program you participated in. (Ex: YC W11)

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If you're building a product, Lightster instantly connects you with qualified potential users. Everyone can join as a user to co-create the newest products and be the first to try them out.