Getting Started as a Creator


Find a community to follow

Lightster has pre-built communities that gets you connecting with users in seconds. You can add additional criteria to filter results in the community's settings.

  • Visit the Communities tab, and search for a community using a keyword
  • Tap on each community in the list to follow them
  • Tap on the Gear icon to view or update the community's criteria

Create your own community

Didn't find a community to follow? Lightster allows you to easily create your own community, with your own criteria that represents your target users.

  • Tap on "Create new" in the communities tab and give it a name
  • Select "Automatically add Lightsters to this list"
  • Tap on the Gear icon and enter a criteria. You can search for an existing criteria based on keyboard such as "Location", "Job Title", or "Interests". You can also enter a screening question by typing the question, and tapping on "Add a new criteria". You can then enter the question and responses that you'd like to accept by tapping on the checkmark in front of each response.

View user profiles

Lightster allows you to view detailed information about each user, which includes their demographics, occupation, and their response to your screening questions, among others.

  • Tap on a community to view its members 
  • Tap on each user to reveal a menu of ways to connect
  • Tap on View Profile to view the user's detailed profile. If the user has a LinkedIn profile linked, a LinkedIn icon will show up, and you can tap on the option to view the user's profile on LinkedIn.

Connect with users

You are now setup for your first co-creation session! On Lightster, you only pay when you invite users to a session. Chatting with users is always free.

  • In any community, tap on a user to reveal options
  • Tap on each user to reveal a menu of ways to connect
    • Tap on Invite to a session to invite the user to a session immediately
    • Tap on Schedule a session to invite the user to a session in the future
    • Tap on Chat to chat with the user

Join a Session

Your sessions will take place on the Lightster app, or you can join on the web app. At the end of each call, you will be billed based on the time spent (our standard rate is $1.50 per minute, and is all-inclusive of rewards to the user and fees).

  • In any community, tap on a user to reveal options
  • Within 15 minutes of the start of a session, the Join button will appear on the session under the Schedule tab
  • Tap on Join. The session will begin when both you and the user have joined the session, and the clock will start moving
    • If you join on the Mobile app, you are able to record the session by tapping on Start Recording
    • If you join on the web app, in addition to the ability to record, you are also able to share your screen (or ask the user to share their screen if they also join on the web app) by tapping on the Share Screen icon

Create a community by username (optional)

If you already know a few users and want to create communities that are handpicked by you, you can create a community where you can add or remove specific users without setting a criteria.

  • Tap on "Create new" in the communities tab and give it a name
  • Select "Add Lightsters to this list by myself"
  • Tap on the Gear icon and start typing the user's name


Quick Booking

Schedule a session with multiple users at a time using the Quick Booking feature.

  • While you're on the Home tab, tap on "Schedule a session" in the Getting Started area
  • Fill in the details of how many users you want to invite, and associated details
  • Tap on Send, and an invitation will be sent to all the users

Group Messaging

If you're looking to send the same message to multiple users, you can use this feature to do so.

  • Tap on a community that you're looking to engage with and top on the "three dot icon" on the top right
  • Tap on "Send a message"
  • Select that users that you would like to send to, type the message, and hit "Send"

Download the free app

If you're building a product, Lightster instantly connects you with qualified potential users. Everyone can join as a user to co-create the newest products and be the first to try them out.