Getting Started as a Creator


Explore Communities

You no longer need to start user recruitment every time you want to connect with potential users. Start by browsing our pre-built communities.  

  • Search for a community using a keyword
  • Follow a community by tapping on it on it
  • View user profiles and start connecting

View User Profiles

Lightster allows you to view detailed information about each user before you connect, which includes their Bio, LinkedIn profile, in addition to their responses to your Questions.

  • Tap on a community to view its members 
  • "Live" indicator means they are available immediately
  • Tap on each user to reveal a menu of ways to connect

Create a Smart Community

Didn't find a community to follow? Lightster allows you to easily create your own community, with your own criteria that represents your target users.

  • Tap on "Create new" in the communities tab and give it a name
  • Select "Automatically add Lightsters to this list"
  • Tap on the gear icon and enter a criteria - even a custom one!

Create a Handpicked Community

If you already know a few users and want to create communities that are handpicked by you, you can create a community where you can add or remove specific users without setting a criteria.

  • Tap on "Create new" in the communities tab and give it a name
  • Select "Add Lightsters to this list by myself"
  • Tap on the gear icon and start typing the user's name

Connect with Users

You are now setup for your first co-creation session! Your calls will take place on the Lightster app. You can also chat with each user for free at any time. At the end of each call, you will be billed based on time spent.

  • In any community, tap on a user to reveal options
  • Select "Invite Now" to send an immediate invitation
  • Select "Schedule Time" to send a future dated invitation